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Why you should choose IDEAL for your surveillance needs!


1- Because IDEAL directly imports from China, Taiwan & Korea.

Because IDEAL is Authorised Distributor of many renowned CCTV suppliers.

Because IDEAL can provide you Taiwan Chamber of Commerce’s Certificate of Origin for its Taiwanese products in order to assure you that the products are not remarked.

Because IDEAL can offer you additional warranty of extra years in addition to the standard warranty of one year on paying extra charges (20% of the price per year) at the time of buying any product.

Because IDEAL can offer upper class facilities to its customers at the time of placing order as well as in after sales service.

Because IDEAL offers FREE DEMONSTRATION of its products at customer's site (on demand) when you are confirmed to place an order. 

Because IDEAL has a large variety of Cameras, DVRs etc. in-stock for your choice.

8- Because IDEAL pays custom duties & taxes etc to custom authorities so you can feel comfortable and contented that you are not buying illegal or smuggled products.  

9- Because IDEAL offers a very good price level while not compromising on quality.


10- Because at IDEAL, you can find sincere, honest and friendly staff to help you.




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